DMS overhauled my 3-bedroom mid terrace home which included to demolish an old cold single storey extension and replace with a larger well insulated double storey extension and change the entire upstairs layout as well as half the downstairs including re-skim every room and knock through from the living room to new kitchen/diner extension.
This was a lot of work and DMS quote was better than any other builder. Being honest, we did have worries that the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ would be our downfall but this wasn’t the case at all. DMS from foundations to completions were brilliant and finished everything to an extremely high standard without cutting corners and were very helpful and communitive throughout advising on the best course of action when issues arose. Everything done to building regulations and Dave at DMS liaised with building control throughout. I believe the reason why their quote was so good is down to a really well organised set up and high skill set of all the builders at DMS.

We started in early January (and it was a wet January) the groundworks team didn’t grumble they worked extremely hard using a small rear access path to remove all the mud out of the back, through the wind, rain and elements they managed to keep the timescale on time yet still had the good attitude to make sure every evening the (now) construction site was safe and clean for my children, sweeping and mopping floors and boarding up the large hole in the back of the house.

We moved out for the internal works to take place but then covid lockdown happened but DMS managed to push-on throughout, there was some delay due to having to restrict tradesmen in the house and keeping the site covid safe for all yet the work continued. When parts and materials was hard to come by more sound advice and sourcing of materials meant the work still continued.

In all the work was about 4 weeks delayed and on budget which was a miracle based on the problems DMS had to overcome due to covid and the additional works we added on.

I would recommend DMS to anyone knowing they will be getting a high-quality job with an excellent team of skilled builders